Are you related?

A family exhibit
Mary Terrizzi, Naya Bricher & Scott Bricher

Waterbury Republican Article- Art, like family, revels in connections

Kent, CT, November 2- December 31, 2013
Kent Memorial Library

KENT, CT—(Kent, Connecticut) – For the first time, the artistic family of Scott Bricher, Mary Terrizzi, and their daughter, Naya Bricher, are creating fine art under one roof. Their home life and creative life have always intersected, but never have they overlapped so significantly. They live in a constant state of acclimation to their work, to one another and to the world. “Are you related?” celebrates the unanticipated intersections, similarities, and departures within three bodies of work. Through work presented in thematic, stylistic or chronologic clusters, they ask viewers to recognize the common, perhaps genetic, element. As their first family art exhibition after nearly twenty years of living in Kent, they are excited to share their discoveries with the community. The family’s art will be displayed in the Library’s Gallery from November 2 through December 31.

Scott and Mary met in New York, while studying at the New School and Parsons School of Design. Working commercially in addition to their personal pursuits in the arts, they develop creativity and alternative approaches in their daily life. In 1994, Scott Bricher, Mary Terrizzi and their daughter, Naya Bricher, and dog, Egon, moved to South Kent, CT. Naya attended the Kent Community Nursery School and Kent Center School; after which, she graduated from Miss Porter’s School in 2009 and Smith College in 2013. Influenced not only by her creative home life, the presence of art within each school’s curriculum and the encouragement of her faculty made dramatic impacts.

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