the intersecting lives of one artist family... 
Mary Terrizzi, Naya Bricher & Scott Bricher

Litchfield, CT, January 19- March 29, 2014
Marie Louise Trichet Art Gallery
Wisdom House

LITCHFIELD, CT—Artists Scott Bricher, Mary Terrizzi, and their daughter, Naya Bricher, are pleased to present ‘Realms’, an unfurling record of parallel journeys. Living and working from their home in South Kent, Connecticut, they are unique, independent artists. However, as a family, they present an unprecedented exhibition united in format.

As their creative paths converge and diverge, they select the common format of the unfurling, exquisite scroll: a fusion of the “exquisite corpse” drawing exercise where the outcome is unknown and the horizontal narrative of the traditional hand scroll. With three resonant visions, the exhibition addresses lower, upper and middle realms. Scott Bricher shares his subterranean “mystery school” imagery through graphics, drawing, painting and printing. Uniting projection, photography and painting, Naya Bricher explores the ambiguity of space in geometric and toile fabric. Playing with oil sticks and monoprints, Mary Terrizzi, combines new and old energies and acknowledges the dualistic qualities of nature. Whether questioning reality, trusting the subconscious or channeling energy, the scrolls function as reminders of our simultaneous, yet spontaneous evolutions as members within a family of artists.

Installation photos


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